Great places to buy Shiitake mushrooms

Fungus Shii-Take Mushroom Shiitake Healthy

The mushrooms grow on logs and these logs can be prepared by you. The Shiitake mushroom is easy to grow by anyone as it doesn’t require soil of different layers and nourishment. You may plan to develop a huge quantity of Shiitake fruits and for this – it’s much better to buy the logs. You’ll need logs with 4″ diameter and the log must have its bark intact. The woods which are preferred are oak, poplar, alder and maple variety. The hardwoods are to be averted. The conifers like fir or cedar are also of no use for you. When you’ve got a 4 feet long log, it’ll be better to manage and you can place 10 to 12 plugs inside.

Online stores

There are different online sites where you can buy those Shiitake Logs to grow your fruits on them. You’ll need to learn the way these logs are used for utilizing them for growing the fruits. These fruits are grown widely and are next to the most frequent button mushrooms. You can use the Shiitake Mushroom Logs for these fruits so you can raise certified and organic sprouts. These may be used to create a commercial operation when you have some space for the hardwood logs and shady place to maintain these logs for a good production. You simply need to find a reference from any friends who develop these capsules and visit the site to purchase the logs available.

Shops with guidance and instructions

These stores will have logs comprising a substrate that are inoculated with spawn for proper growth. The mycelium will be held in some bags and used until the substrate is completely colonized. The store will ship you the Mushroom logs for sale so you can harvest your crop within 10 – 12 days. You can grow the fresh fruits and sell to the appropriate outlets. Often the online stores will give you instructions to increase the fruits and save time for your crop harvest. The logs are of high return and stable quality. They will also have a high conversion rate.

Farms with mushroom logs

There are farms which will have Oaks, hornbeams, sweet gum and ironwood for mushroom cultivating base. These farms will sell you the hardwood tree logs and you can start cultivating the fruits on them. The trees are cut after the leaves have turned brown and sap migrate to work as antifreeze. These farms often take the logs from firewood suppliers or farmers also. They pile the logs in their storehouse in the appropriate shade. Loosely kept logs are handled with care and are for the most part kept covered with cloth or Squirrel Poop.

You can begin preparing a log for developing the mushrooms on them. These logs must be hardwood and they are to be inserted with plugs. These plugs will have the mycelium growing there. The logs are tired of holes so the mycelium starts colonizing. They will grow into Shiitake sprouts that you take off and sell. You need to drill in the logs for the plugs and then rubber mallet the sticks. Use beeswax for sealing the sticks. Store the log in a shady place until it’s ready for cultivation.

Grow your fruits

You can get the logs out of any online stores or any farm. You can prepare the logs by yourself too. The production will happen after every month or two and when the weather is cool and damp.

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